Crystal Clash – Released

The developers are delighted to inform us that Crystal Clash, a free-to-play Lane Battle strategy game, came yesterday to Steam. Crystal Clash lets us enjoy fast paced tug-of-war strategy in a mix of MOBA, tower defense and deck building.

We are able to play in 2v2 or co-op with a friend, or pair up with new allies and enemies for action-packed battles. Collect cards, build our decks and have fun crushing enemies.

Max Dohme of Crunchy Leaf Games said: “We are more than happy to finally be releasing the game! We want to also give a huge thank you to our community for helping with feedback and beta testing the game. Without them, this game wouldn’t have been possible!”

The game is based off the previously published Rise of Legions but has been carefully rebalanced with 2v2 and Co-op as its new focus. The game is explicitly not pay-to-win. We can unlock any cards in the game with in-game currencies. 

To don’t miss any latest news about Crystal Clash follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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