Project L – First details

In the course of the Arcane celebrations, Riot Games will also provide insights into the current state of development of their Fighting Games project L.

Riot Games released a clip on Vertical Slice that gives a first impression of what the game will look like, what the core gameplay will look like, and how the controls will work. However, the champion pool, environments, menus, user interface, ranking systems, etc. have not yet been determined.

Project L was announced in 2019 and since then the team has been working to make Riot’s first fighting game a reality. Project L will be a tag team fighting game, where a team of two champions can be created and led. The top priority for Riot is currently developing the best possible network code for their fighting game. To do this, they use Rollback as a basis and use existing technologies such as RiotDirect, which are already reducing the ping of League of Legends and VALORANT.

A release of Project L is not planned before 2023. In 2022 there should be more updates on the title.

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