Intruder in Antiquonia – Second behind the scene video

The developers have been working on a new behind-the-scenes video to show us how they put together one of the scenes in the game. They shot a lot of footage, but after editing the developers managed to keep it fairly short at about 17 minutes.

One of the developer talk about how they put together the background, how they load the animations for Sarah and the old men, and how the developers determine where Sarah can and cannot walk. There’s also a bit of behavior and even a few lines of code. The developer, who show us all that left out the audio because otherwise the video would be way too long. Maybe the developer will cover this in a future video if we are interested.

Demo status

First of all the developer, thank to all of us for the incredibly useful feedback. After the developers sorting and grouping all of our feedback, the developers have over 140 unique contributions. And knowing how many people care about each item helps them prioritize, as they may not be able to address all of that before the demo is released at the end of the month. So far, the developers have addressed 51 of them. They started with the bugs and then moved on to the most requested features.

So far, the developers have received feedback from a third of the players who requested the beta. The developers are asking us if we’ve played the beta and haven’t filled out the feedback form, do so now.

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