PowerWash Simulator – Released

PowerWash Simulator is available with Game Pass for PC and console, for purchase on Xbox Series® X|S, Xbox One®, and Windows 10, and a full release on Steam® following a successful Early Access period.

PowerWash Simulator is the super soothing simulator game that puts the power of relaxation into the hands of us. Take a clean break from the real world and follow our powerwashing destiny. Equipped with power washer in hand and unlocking new tools and upgrades to help clean more efficiently along the way.

Everything isn’t as it seems in the town of Muckingham: an active volcano smoulders nearby, the mayor’s cat is missing, and things are extremely dirty. For all its oddities, Muckingham scrubs up quite nicely. The residents have noticed too, and soon our PowerWash business will be booming.

As we blast away every speck of grime that covers Muckingham, we’ll uncover secrets hidden in the dirt and objects of each level, as well as receive messages from clients that reveal the untold stories of the places we visit – from humble homes to ancient architecture. We know what they say, it all comes out in the wash.

Notes of the developer

“We are thrilled to bring the opportunity to relax, unwind and get creative to millions of players with the launch of POWERWASH SIMULATOR” said FuturLab COO Chris Mehers.
“There’s really nothing quite as satisfying as blasting the dirt off to reveal the unique environments within POWERWASH SIMULATOR. We are excited to add even more content to the game in the future.” Added James Marsden, Founder and Co-CEO of FuturLab.
From casual clean freaks to dedicated detailers, everyone can pick up and play to feel immersed – relaxation, satisfaction – guaranteed. But this is just the start of our power washing career as Square Enix Collective® and FuturLab® are excited to further expand the game with regular updates and much more to come!

To don’t miss any latest news about Powerwash Simulator follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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