is a 2D action sandbox game set in a school. Create as much chaos as possible with our classmates to make the greatest mess ever seen – but keep an eye out for teachers.

In, we can play a quick 5 minute round with 6-10 players online with some of us playing as teachers. While the students run around and break things, the teachers supervise the students and give them detention.

The game includes a fully-fledged map editor, we can throw, push, smash, break, spill, splash, shoot, dump, or ride. Discover cool interactions like spraying deodorant over a fire – we can create our own prank strategies in a multitude of different maps.


  • Rich sandbox system allowing for really cool gameplay interactions
  • Pick from hundreds of hairs, hats, accessories
  • Play in a multitude of official maps, from normal schools to… not-normal schools!
  • Create our own maps and share them with the community, friends or neither
  • Automatic matchmaking, in-game chat, custom lobbies & other essential features
  • Cross-platform play between PC and huuuh… PC(web) and Android/IOS(soon)

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