Blade & Soul update

At the same time as the start of the new Unreal Engine 4 update, the 14th playable character class, the double blade, will also appear. Available for the Jin or Yun are double-bladed masters of twin swords that allow them lightning-fast sword attacks and movements.

The double blade has two specializations: “Way of the Flying Blades” and “Way of the Lotus”, both with their own special characteristics. The specialization “Path of the Flying Blades” focuses on alternating between three postures: cyclone posture, frontal posture and backhand posture. Like the stances of other classes, these unlock specific skills and combos to unleash devastating attacks of your own. In contrast to other classes, however, the change between cyclone, frontal and backhand posture takes place with virtually no cooldown times.

The Path of the Lotus specialization does not use stances, but takes a straightforward approach to sword fighting, as if the warrior were practicing combat under a rain of falling petals, which he whirled into the air in a deadly storm of flowers. The “path of the lotus” requires skillful management of the resource of petals, which can enhance and improve other combat skills. The ability to effectively stack and trigger Primordium at the right time is key to unleashing this staunch swordsman’s combos.

For further details on the double blade class, watch the video presenation

There are also numerous events to celebrate the update and the new class:

  • Special training event: New and returning fans can redeem two “special training” packages only once per account to equip themselves in the shortest possible time and to get ready for forays into the earthly realm. The packages contain, among other things, weapons, accessories, jewels and other things that should help to bring everyone on the same page in Blade & Soul. They also contain a training token that can be redeemed for an “armorer’s chest”. The “Armorer’s Chest” has a total of twelve phases, with each additional phase requiring unique keys to open it. The keys can be purchased with “Chi the Warrior”, which can be obtained through daily and weekly challenges.
  • Soul Arena Event: The Soul Arena is available until October 6th and can be reached via the quest letter “The Chamber of Conquest” and the subsequent trip to Mushin’s Tower. In the solo event dungeon Soul Arena you have to face the iron usurper of the usurper’s fortress in four rounds, each round being more difficult than the previous one. Depending on the speed, stones of transformation, coins of fearlessness and coins of conquest await as rewards. Coins of fearlessness and coins of conquest can then be exchanged at the Dragon Express for ornaments, experience talismans or various orbs of the Iron Usurper, with which special achievements can be unlocked.

Special event of the registration rewards: From September 22nd to October 6th, everyone who logs in can collect 6 groundbreaking stars (10 for premium members) and receive the registration reward for one hour. The trailblazing stars can be redeemed for numerous useful items at the Dragon Express.

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