Fortnite – Fashion collaboration

Epic Games announced the latest form of self-expression in Fortnite: a fashion collaboration with Moncler. The new outfits and accessories are based on the summit-oriented spirit of the iconic fashion house and is available in the Fortnite item shop from November 21.

Inspired by the recently released “6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM” collection by Matthew Williams, the new Moncler outfits celebrate darkness and light. We can switch between new dark and light styles or choose a completely new reactive style that changes every look from light to dark the higher we go. When we dismount again, every outfit changes from dark back to light.

The full list of items includes accessories and a loading screen in addition to the outfits:

Moncler Classic Package: Contains the “André” and “Renée” outfits
Back accessory “tubular umbrella”: The classic umbrella, but better.
Pickaxe “ax umbrella”: Helps in bad weather and many opponents.
“Para-Pluie” hang glider: Glides in an elegant way.
“The Summit”: loading screen

Matthew Williams, Creative Director of ALYX 9SM, said:
“It was very interesting to work with the team at Epic and Moncler to bring the“ 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM ”collection to life in a vibrant digital space like Fortnite. The new “6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM” collection celebrates the meeting of light and dark, and the collaboration with Fortnite explores this concept in a whole new way.”

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