Fortnite – collaboration with Jordan Brand

In line with the upcoming release of the Air Jordan XI Cool Gray, Epic Games announced the continuation of the collaboration between Fortnite and the Jordan Brand.

From December 2nd at 1 a.m., Fortnite fans can look forward to Jordan-inspired items and the Jumpman Zone, with its numerous challenges, a museum and basketball court.

History of Fortnite and Jordan

Fortnite and Jordan first came together in May 2019 with special Jordan-themed in-game items and a limited-time game mode. To celebrate the return of the Air Jordan XI Cool Gray, this new collaboration will bring Jordan-inspired outfits and items, as well as the Jumpman Zone available in Creative Mode, to Fortnite.

About Jumpman Zone

The Jumpman Zone was developed by the Fortnite community in collaboration with the Jordan team and consists of six maps on which a scavenger hunt takes place. Depending on the number of completed missions, fans will receive appropriate rewards. In addition, there is a museum and a basketball court waiting to be discovered.

To celebrate this collaboration and the arrival of the Jumpman Zone, Epic Games is releasing new outfits and other cosmetic items in Fortnite inspired by the Air Jordan XI Cool Gray. The following items will be available in the item shop from December 2nd at 1 a.m. andThe and will be available until December 12th at 1am. .

Outfits and accessories

Hangtime outfit (with the Playmaker and MVP outfit variants)
Swish outfit (with the crossover and downtown outfit variants)
“Cool Gray” back accessory
Dunk on ‘Em emote

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