Baldur’s Gate 3 – Patch 8

Larian Studios unveiled the eighth major update for Baldur’s Gate 3 at Panel From Hell, introducing the Bard class, the playable Gnome race, significant improvements to the combat system, and more.

The full patch notes will be available on Steam once the patch is online. Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently in Early Access for PC and Google Stadia. As well as introducing Patch 8: Of Valor and Lore, the Eurovision-themed live show included a live performance by Hunter – a Belgian metal band headed by Head of Production David Walgrave – and a performance by Neil Newbon, commented by Volothamp Geddarm himself and played by Stephen Hogan.

Patch 8

Patch 8 note Of Valor and Lore released. The full recording of Panel From Hell is available as a VOD on YouTube and Twitch.

The most important innovations from the latest patch

New Class: Bard
The Bard is the newest, long-awaited class in Baldur’s Gate 3. Masters of melody, we will dish out both inspiration and destruction, attacking enemies with snide spells or playing songs with our companions around the campfire.

College of Valor subclass
The Bards of the College of Valor possess resilient skills and talents that allow them to fight at the forefront of battle while empowering and inspiring their allies.

Signature Feature “Combat Inspiration”
This ability allows using Valor to inspire an ally. The companion can use a +1d6 bonus on the next Attack Roll, Ability Check, or Saving Throw. The ally can also add the +1d6 bonus to the next weapon attack’s damage, or apply a +4 bonus to their Armor Class for 1 turn.

Subclass “College of Lore”
The bards of the College of Lore seek knowledge, using cunning wordplay and magical abilities to weaken enemies and strengthen and inspire allies.

Signature Feature “Cutting Words”
This ability allows the bard’s perspicacity to be used to distract a creature and hurt its confidence. The creature takes a 1d6 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, and damage dealt until the next player turn. To this end, over 97 insults have been recorded for each occasion.

Perform ability
With this ability, any class from level 4 can use musical instruments and play songs at any time, while some NPCs will react to the performance and even choose to join in or reward us as well.

New playable race “Gnome”
We have the opportunity to slip into the role of a gnome. Gnomes are lively, adventurous little creatures. They are the first new playable class since the beginning of Early Access.

Swarm AI
Smaller opponents such as animals or goblins form a group in combat from now on. These factions move and attack together, making the overall combat experience in large battles faster and more enjoyable.

Ranged critical hits use combat cameras that showcase arrows and magic projectiles.

Hair upgrades
All hairstyles have been revised with a new hair shading model and other improvements, and highlights and graying are now available in character creation.

Brazilian Portuguese
Baldur’s Gate 3 is now playable with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.

Improved stability in multiplayer
Gamers with slow, unreliable internet connections should see noticeable improvements in stability and a reduction in lag in multiplayer with friends thanks to implemented Network Compression.

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