Battlefield 2042

The revolution of modern Multiplayer-Sandbox gaming should be Battlefield 2042. The generation of Battlefield will release on October 22, 2021.

Battlefield 2042 the groundbreaking First-Person-Shooter

Players will be put to a Battlefield in the near further with the typical game changing destruction. On the new Consols* and PC you can play with up to 128 players, where epic Multiplayer battles adieve a complett new dimension. Battlefield expand the action with realtime-events, that impact Battlefield and the tatcial approaches sustainable. New wapeons, vehicles, gadgets give the player the freedom to go on strategically and to creat legendary Battlefield moments. Electronic Arts and DICE presage with Battlefield 2042 a groundbreaking First-Person-Shooter, who should revolutionize the Multiplayer Sandbox experience. The game use most modern technology, that bale out the full potential of the Next-Gen-Hardware.

A ultimative Battlefield Multiplayer-Sandbox with intensive fights

The story behind Battlefield 2042

The world stand on abyss, because the groceries-, energy- and water scarcity many countries had drive into ruin and triggered the biggest imigration krises in human history. To this Non-Patriated oder No-Pats belongs families, farmers, engineers and also soldiers. In the midest of this krises the Unite States of America and Russia let fall the world into a global war. No-Pats specialist fight on both sides not for the Flag, but for the future of all homeless people in the world. The player take control above a specialist a new playable soldier. Inspiered by the four traditional Battlefield classes all specialist have a unique charactaristic and a complett customizable equipment.

Environmental hazards like tornadoes

The General Manger by DICE say about Battlefield 2042; „Battlefield 2042 is a further development of the series and offers everything our players could want. – A ultimative Battlefield Multiplayer-Sandbox with intensive fights and countless incredible unexpected events.”

Features of Battlefield 2042:

  • The hole extent of the war – The next generation by the fans beloved mode conquest and breakthrough on the series hugest map and at the first time for up to 128 players*. Players experience intense combat in large-scale battles like never before. On maps with dynamic weather, dangerous environmental hazards and special events like tornadoes sweeping across the map of sandstorms darkening the sky.
  • Hazard Zone – A totally new squad-based gaming typ, which is about everything and which offers a modern approach to multiplayer gaming within the Battlefield series. They are typical is for DICE, but is complettely different as conquest or breakthrough.
  • Specialist – You have access to the most modern arsenal of wapeons, equipment objects and vehicles, that you can use in the fight. These powerful tools open up for creative players a various of possibilities, when you search for the combination of style of play to defeat your enemies on the battleground.

Pre-order Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is available for pre-order and will be available in retail and digital vendors starting October 22nd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ($59.99), Xbox Series X and S, Playstation 5 ($69.99) and PC ($59.99) available. EA Play members will have access to a 10-hour trial starting October 15, 2021. EA Play members and pre-orderers get access to the Open Beta **. Pre-orders have the choice between three different editions including the Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition and the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition for PC and consoles. Further information on the contents of the individual editions, the advantages for members of EA Play and EA Play Pro as well as further details about the game are available at

*Xbox One and PlayStation®4 supports 64 players. 128 players and massive-scale maps are available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation®5.

**Conditions, Limitations and Exclusions Apply. See FOR DETAILS.

†Conditions and Restrictions Apply. See FOR DETAILS.

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